Bio: Welcome Friends, ~ My HOPE in creating this, is having "something" from within these pages, resonate with and benefit all of us. You will pee yourself laughing, you will get angry and shocked. You may even find we have lived the same play, we just had different characters. Please come and visit from time to time. I promise it's going to be a Great Read !! ~ I'm a 47 yr, somewhat wiser, mostly happy wife and proud (on occasion) mother of two people in their twenties. I have 3 shadows, all dogs and they are Bear, Domi and Bandit. This is one of those things you think about doing for a long time. You talk about it, laugh about it, obsess over it and even at times, put it out of your head all together. Then the Universe sends you a moment. A moment in which everything falls into place and you know!! For some reason, I'm supposed to do this. Apologies for the cliche sayings, since being on the menopausal short bus, I have apparently loss the ability to retain a damn thing and I couldn't come up with anything better at the time. 🙂 I'm starting out a little shaky so please be patient as with any woman...this will change about a hundred times, before it's working for me!! LOL ~~ judes

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